The Gilded Tower

It’s lonely enough being famous. What chance does love have?

Hounded by the paparazzi, Rebecca Taylor moves into a large house and grounds, protected from prying eyes by a high wall and electric gates. Her only regular company around the house is her housekeeper, Francesca. Publicly she is now a big star living the dream, but privately she is still haunted by her lover Lee’s betrayal and longs for the care and affection she once had with Steve.

But a nomination at the UK Music Awards is about to change everything for the better again and maybe love is finally on the cards. Her best friend Linda Maloney’s business plans are at last becoming a reality too, catapulting Rebecca, not for the first time, into a secret world of decadent and forbidden pleasures.

As Rebecca is about to discover, when you appear to have it all there is a lot to lose.

The Gilded Tower: Tigers Book Three

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