Embracing The Wild

One thing is certain . . .

fame changes everything.

After her first love affair comes to a sudden end, Rebecca Taylor is devastated. Thankfully there’s the inimitable Linda to help her pick up the pieces of her life and move on. With Rebecca’s sexuality fully awakened, the tigress inside her is hungry for more, and Linda is always ready to lead her astray.

While Rebecca devotes herself to carving out a career in the music business with her new band and trying to put the past behind her, Linda has plans of her own . . . and secrets too. Her unusual lifestyle draws Rebecca into a hidden world where the pursuit of pleasure is the greatest currency of all.

However, nothing could have prepared Rebecca for what lies ahead. It seems fame and money also have a dark side, especially when you’re not always sure who you can trust.

Embracing The Wild: Tigers Book Two

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