Today seemed like a good day to share something seasonal; a poem, and rather different thing to the forthcoming books.

Based on the mythology of the Spring Equinox, hopefully this will give a flavour of some of my other writing projects. Enjoy!


Said the Lady to the Hare

‘I have a task for you.

My Lord would go a courting

And there’s something you must do.

You’re to give my love a message

For the time has come to be

That I have a gift to give him

And that gift, oh Hare, is me.

My Lord is young and headstrong

And has not yet left the wood.

Though green he is, I have no doubt

He’s fair and kind and good.’


Said the Hare to the Lady

‘Your bidding I will do,

But when the Lord asks for your name

How should I speak of you?’

‘I am Alpha and Omega,

The beginning and the end,

The earth below, the stars above,

Lover, mother, maid and friend.

I’m the silent moon who sails the dark

On a barque of silver hue

And awaits the sun to warm her soul

So hurry Hare, please do.’


‘How will your lover find you?’

Asked the Hare with puzzled voice

‘For you’re everywhere and nowhere

And your Lord will have no choice

But to search the very heavens

And to cross the foaming sea

Just to catch a fleeting glimpse of you.

Tell me, Mistress, what’s the key?

Do I have to go with him?

I’m only small you know.

A field or two is all I can run

And it’s very far to go.’


The Lady smiled and soothed the Hare

With words as old as time,

‘Don’t fret yourself my little friend,

Everything will be just fine.

My Lord though he may look quite young

Is strangely wise and old.

We’ve been here before my love and I.

Be brave little one, be bold,

For if my lover knows me,

As well I think he might,

He will find me at the crossroads

Where dark gives way to light.’

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