It started as a dare.

I’d been threatening to write for years. When I read the popular novel my wife had just finished, I reeled off a list of everything I thought was wrong with it and told her I could do better than that.

‘Go on then.’ she said. ‘Don’t just talk about it; do it.’

I did, and once I started writing there was no stopping it. Finally, after a host of worthwhile and sensible but ultimately unfulfilling jobs and a lifetime of immersing myself in the creative arts, writing music, recording and playing in bands I finally found my niche when I took up writing words instead. Something magical happened. All my life had been a rehearsal for the outpouring of heart and soul that followed.

The central characters leapt into my head, fully formed. The plot and all its twists and turns unfolded like a huge diorama in front of me. All I had to do was find the words to capture their thought, emotions and experiences and turn it into something that would keep people reading.

Some time later…

After eighteen months of living in front of a laptop whenever I wasn’t doing something sensible to keep the wolf from the door, I finally had it. First draft took me eleven months, followed by a further seven spent perfecting and rewriting. During that time my wife and children probably forgot what I looked like. Something that started as the seed of a idea quickly grew and grew until it blossomed into a story so big that it split into two novels. Then I had to separate each of those into three parts.

The result of this ‘labour of love’ in every sense is the first of those trilogies, ‘Tigers’. It follows the life and loves of Rebecca Taylor, an aspiring singer and musician, and her extraordinary relationship with her best friend, the unique and secretive Linda. It’s an unbridled, full throttle tale about sex, money, fame and music which is funny and provocative by turns as well as being endlessly entertaining. Like life, it has humour and darkness, highs and lows, people you’ll love and maybe a few you’ll love to hate, with more than a few shocks and surprises along the way. While it’s doing all this, it gives many of society’s attitudes and double standards a much needed dig in the ribs. It’s the book I always wanted to read but couldn’t find: a story that needed to be told.

What next?

Writing a book was the easy part. The rest is still an unfolding history. With all three parts of ‘Tigers’¬†complete it is working its way, steadily, towards publication. Not only that but the follow-up is already underway.

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