Perhaps some part of me wishes I’d been brought up somewhere exotic and exciting. I wasn’t. Apart from a brief period in North Wales I grew up in the South East of England, specialised in daydreaming at school before gaining a degree in Chemistry, and got a sensible job as a scientist while devoting my heart and my spare time to playing guitar and writing songs. It went largely unnoticed.

I watched paint dry for a living. No, really!

Eventually I left the paint industry to retrain as a science teacher, hoping for more fulfilment. Since then I have taught in a number of schools in England and Wales. I loved teaching but soon grew to dislike the classroom. My maverick mind was no more at home in the education system than it had been in industry. By this point I had branched out from writing and recording music into poetry as well as playing a variety of stringed instruments (my most recent toy being a mandolin) and a few without. I had a great idea for a non-fiction book that might have sold ten copies if I was lucky, and I still specialised in daydreaming, longing for an outlet for my creativity that would truly allow me to spread my wings.

Somehow along the way I acquired a (very tolerant) wife, Kathy, two (now teenaged) sons, and have seen a wide variety of animal friends come and go. We currently share our home with two cats, Loki and Sparta, and Cass, a collie with more energy than sense (short for Castiel in case you’re a Supernatural fan).

I still work in science education. I still play in bands.

And then one day I got the urge to start writing fiction, and discovered that I just couldn’t stop…

Other Stuff I Like

Red wine

You can’t beat a good Rioja, or Bordeaux, or Chianti…

Real Ale

I’m a trained beer taster (at least that’s my excuse).


Everything from jazz-funk to extreme metal via all kinds of weirdness and more mainstream rock and pop stuff.

Alternative Spirituality (minus the pseudo-science)

N.B. Never attempt to bullshit a scientist; you will live to regret it. Scientists generally have a black belt in pedantry; it’s part of the training. That said, the best scientists are the ones with open minds…


From the wit and wordplay of Terry Pratchett to the sensuality of Anne Rice’s vampire novels; from J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter books to Dan Brown’s labyrinthine mystery thrillers, and anything with an erotic twist or an element of the bizarre and unusual.